First Breath

Your child's first breath is one of life’s most remarkable moments.

Should you or your baby need a higher level of specialized care and attention, our team of specialists will make sure you have the care you need, when you need it. Here, Erin shares her story of how The Center for Childbirth team not only provides exceptional care, but adds extra personal touches to make moms feel special.

First Touch

There's nothing like touching your baby for the first time.

It's why the childbirth specialists at The Center for Childbirth created a maternity destination where moms can prepare for this moment in a personalized, relaxed environment. Meet Christie, a mom who chose to give birth in our unique holistic birthing program, and the nurses who helped make this special day all she ever dreamed it would be.

First Priority

You and your baby are our first priority at The Center for Childbirth.

Watch as Alanna and Dino welcome the world’s littlest Jets fan to their family. We made sure every question was answered and every concern was addressed before they headed for home — or the Meadowlands — whichever the case may be.